Building tools, teams, and networks to advance the decentralization movement.

Our mission is to build tools and apps to help make dApps mainstream, educate and proliferate the socioeconomic implications of blockchain technology, and reward and commend those that help along the way.

Lunar Digital Assets

A team of blockchain enthusiasts and researchers that regularly post top-tier, in-depth fundamental analysis and insights into upcoming projects and the regulatory uncertainties.

Lunar Crypto Labs

The world's most advance platform for both day-traders and long-term investors to help make the best informed decisions available at the time through AI and Big Data.

Lunar Marketing & Consulting

Having worked with some of the world's most promising projects, the Lunar Marketing team brings over 50 years combined experience of digital marketing. Through the past two years Lunar Marketing has had tremendous success applying their experience into the ICO and post-ICO world.

Lunar Productions

We are currently in the process of media production, specifically on YouTube. We believe that the content that is currently being produced by existing channels can be improved upon ten-fold, to be more engaging and less shilly.

Lunar Jobs

Coming soon: the world's largest aggregation of internships, jobs, and freelance work in the blockchain and crypto industry.

Lunar Satellites

Our algorithmic trading bots have performed spectacularly month-over-month for the entire year of 2018. We hope to launch these trading bots by early 2019.